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FX/A Imperial Jayhawk

The FX/A Jayhawk is the premiere superiority and interception starfighter of the Imperial Star Republic military. It can operate effectively in both space and various atmospheric conditions and pressures. It is capable of rapid surface to orbit ascents and can be launched from any planetside airbase or from any hangar bay large enough to accommodate it's fixed wing span.

The single pilot, twin engine craft is known for being sleek and extremely fast, it's agility second to none in normal operating conditions. The Jayhawk is equipped with two heavy impulse engines and four smaller booster engines located on the tip of its wings. For additional maneuvering capabilities in space, the Jayhawk is equipped with four vertical thrusters mounts on it's wing pods, as well as multiple RCS thruster spurs along its hull. While the Jayhawk can traverse a entire planet with relative ease and speed without worry of running out of fuel, in space the Jayhawk has a much smaller range and no FTL capability, making it a short range fighter craft deployed from starbases or carrier vessels.

Offense wise the Jayhawk is equipped with eight pulse laser cannons and three heavy beam cannons, giving it a powerful and deadly punch to craft up to three times its own size. The pulse laser cannons are located along the main hull, four near the wings and four attached to the main fuselage, while all three heavy beam cannons are attached to the main fuselage, two directly to the side and behind the cockpit and one slung under the main hull. The smaller pulse lasers can fire thousands of times without needing to otherwise recharge or be replaced, while the heavy beam cannons can only fire up to twelve times before needing to recharge or otherwise have it's emitter array replaced. The Jayhawk relies entirely on these energy weapons unless otherwise modified for carrying missile payloads to a target. The Jayhawk can carry up to twelve normal anti-armor missiles and four anti-capital torpedoes, however these load outs severely hamper the Jayhawk's overall speed and maneuverability, making it a bomber of last resort. The Jayhawk also excels at bomber escort.

The Jayhawk is designed to operate both in space and in varying atmospheric conditions, however the need for additional correctional thrusters to accommodate space combat, the Jayhawk is somewhat slower within atmosphere, though it's in-atmosphere speeds are still more than capable of engaging in high speed maneuvers and aerial dogfights.

The Jayhawk is a top contract of the major military industrial manufacturer Typhon Dynamics. Shortly after the Gate War, the Imperial Star Republic looked to replace their aging Valravn starfighter, a strikecraft that had been in use since the second colonial expansion. Designed largely for space, the Valravn was barely capable of holding its own against the starfighters of the enemy fleet over the planet Foer, holding their own largely due to the relative primitiveness of the enemy's own fighters. Following the ceasefire, the IStaR began a period of intense modernization of its naval forces and contracted Typhon Dynamics to create a better, more capable starfighter. In the following years through intense and expensive development, the Jayhawk was born.

 The new fighter quickly became iconic within the IStaR. It's sleek and predatory design quickly gained a popular civilian following, and it's performance was lauded within the IStaR military. The Jayhawk quickly became a fixture in the Imperial Navy's recruitment efforts, as it quickly produced new ad campaigns to capitalize on its civilian popularity. Seen here in a promotional shot, two Jayhawks skim the atmosphere of a gas giant's moon during a recon patrol.


The Jayhawk is the realization of my dream to build a strikecraft that doesn't look dumb. I am also aware that it looks like a Russian SU-29 Flanker, but that can't be helped.

The main hull of the Jayhawk is actually from an old, old old shuttle that I built somewhere between 2012-2013. The shuttle itself was supposed to be some sort of heavy cargo/civilian transport but I didn't like many aspects of it, plus I was less skilled with DOGA back then so I just shelved the model. A few nights ago I was looking through my older files and happened to stumble across the shuttle again, and I began going about fixing all the construction errors that I have made while adding onto it. After a while I realized I had a perfect shape for a strikecraft, so I began to make it more sleek and predatory looking.

The main weapons in on this thing are hard to spot from this picture (the typical Space Engine background but I ran it through to achieve a better overall 'skimming the atmosphere' look), but there are four pulse lasers on the upper and lower wing support structure. The remaining four light pulse lasers are mounted on the blister directly to the side and behind the cockpit. The upper two heavy beam cannons are located here as well, and the lower cannon is mounted on the underside of the craft. Although it may seem foolish to not include missiles as default armament, I felt the Jayhawk, in normal operations, did not need it as the heavy beam cannons replace the missiles and have the same general firepower and can be used multiple times as opposed to the one and done nature of a missile. But as it says in the fluff lore, it does have the ability to carry missiles, it just makes it less effective as a fighter.

Flufflore is a little rushed, but meh.

For a bonus, here are the sounds that the Jayhawk's weapons make (at least since I have nothing to create said sounds myself).

Pulse lasers:…
Heavy beam cannons:…

Model made with DOGA L3

Background taken in Space Engine

Image edited in

Sounds are from Mechwarrior Online and Halo Reach.

FX/A Jayhawk, Imperial Star Republic, Vocian/Vocenae, Typhon Dynamics and Valravn belong to me. Do not use without my expressed, written permission.

Warsword Light Interception Frigate
The Warsword Light Frigate is the newest starship in the Vocian navy, created to fill the gap between corvette and frigate within the Imperial Star Republic's navy. The Warsword is a fast, lightly armored but still vicious starship, boasting three heavy turrets, two medium turrets, sixteen light turrets and four missiles banks.

With the creation of the Twin Eagles trade route, a joint venture between the Imperial Star Republic and the Imperial and Federal Union, the IStaR navy found itself in a uncomfortable situation. The Twin Eagles trade route was vast and stretched across most of the Beta quadrant, from their prosperous home region along the Beta-Delta border to the lawless wasteland of central Beta, having established to help revitalize the quadrant so long after the crippling Betan Economic Collapse that had, almost overnight, turned so many flourishing stellar nations into ruined anarchic states. Where there had once been police forces patrolling well maintained trade routes between the interconnected web of nations, now there were only hordes of pirates, lawless brigands and despots laying claim to their own corner of space, using the starships of nations past to keep central Beta nothing more than a wasteland covered in Rust and decay. The Imperial Star Republic needed a starship that could efficiently patrol the Twin Eagles and respond to these threats, a starship that could intercept and engage the typically smaller and faster enemy vessels.

The Comet corvette had been considered, it's smaller size and exceedingly fast sublight and FTL engines seemed to make it ideal for acting as patrol craft, but after several lost skirmishes with three groups of armed and organized pirate fleets left the Imperial Command desiring something that could hold it's own in a battle, rather than just being able to quickly engage or retret from battles that the aging Comet had no business being in. The Firewalker frigates were too slow to respond, and the only vessel the IStaR had in it's navy capable of responding with speed was the Starcaller support frigate, a vessel not intended for direct combat with the enemy.

Thus, the Warsword was born. Although far stronger than the Comet, the Warsword is only two thirds the size of a Firewalker frigate, and has only half the hull plating. It is however faster than the Firewalker and brings it's four missile banks to bear on the enemy. Structurally, the Warsword more closely resembles the Shieldbreaker heavy frigate, with it's port and starboard hull sections containing it's missile and light turret arrays and it's long central hull. However, where the Shieldbreaker has a spinal cannon, the Warsword relies entirely on it's thee heavy turrets, two medium and sixteen light turrets and four missile banks to deliver crippling blows to enemy starships. The Warsword also has a reinforced bow of solid plating, designed for ramming pirate ships and puncturing their hulls. To achieve the speed needed for such maneuvers, the Warsword has four standard Vocian impusle drives, but also four compressed impulse drives, giving it a incredibly fast impulse speed over all over Vocian starships, save for the Comet.

Howerver, to achieve it's high combat speeds,the  Warsword lacks a dedicated FTL core. Instead, the Warsword is designed to piggyback on a Starcaller support frigate and detaching upon entering into the combat zone. The Warsword does, however, contain a single FTL battery, allowing for a single, short range emergency jump and is incapable of leaving a star system under it's own power. This does make the Warsword reliant upon a mothership to get from place to place, but the Warsword has more than proved it's ability to patrol the Twin Eagles and carve out a safe region of trade and development where there was once nothing but violence and decay. The Warsword has been so effective, that it has become the cornerstone of a larger, secret objective of the IStaR; Operation Outrider.

Operation Outrider is a newly launched initiative that seeks to spread Vocian influence deeper into the Beta, the Imperial Navy launching hunter killer groups of Warswords on specially modified Starcaller support frigates deep into the regions of Beta, far beyond the borders of the Twin Eagles. Here, these smaller fleets operate for months on end, hunting down and obliterating pirate bases and establishing relations with parts of the Beta quadrant that have been isolated for decades. As the Warsword only continues to prove itself, the Imperial Star Republic is considering introducing it into the navy proper.

Seen here, two Warswords more to intercept a target by passing through the rings of a uninhabited planet somewhere in the Beta quadrant.


So yeah. I've actually had this finished for months, but finally decided to put it up. The Warsword was actually built for a different project all together, but I eventually folded it into the Imperial Star Republic because I really liked the design and didn't want it to be shelved with the project it was created for. I incorporated aspects of my other starships (such as the bi-layered hull) and the 'wings' on either side of the main hull, as well as trying to get a bit further away from the box look that my capital ships have. I also wanted an excuse to get the Twin Eagles trade route project between myself and the player behind the Imperial and Federal Union established in lore,k if not strictly In-Character. I also spent a lot of time looking for the perfect planet with rings to make this shot. I wanted to include more effects such as swiveled turrets and possibly even some weapons effects, but the model itself contains so many polygons that it is exceedingly unwieldly (largely due to how many times I had to mirror the wings to make them look right, thus creating more polygons). The inclusion of the second ship in the background was always intended to show how the Warsword class operates most effectively in pairs, allowing for 'boxing in' enemy starships and flanking maneuvers.

You can't really see from this angle and the lighting used, but the medium turrets are located near the bow of the ship, directly above the brown/black portion of the lower hull (in my head, that piece of detailing is supposed to be an airlock). You can't really see it, but ti's still there. Just wanted to add some dynamic posing to the shot.

The Imperial Star Republic, IStaR, Vocians, Firewalker/Shieldbreaker/Starcaller and Warsword belong to me. Do not post or use without my expressed, written permission. Twin Eagles belongs to both myself and .

Made with DOGA L3.
Background from Space Engine.
UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
Just messing around in DOGA, and since I am a colossal fan of Rogue One (you guys don't even know) I decided to try building my favorite new ship in the Star Wars universe. And possibly favorite ship OF the universe. Seriously, this ship was just so epic and I hope we see it in future films (and that the future films are as good as good as Rogue One was because seriously it was the Star Wars we deserved not the abomination that Force Awakens was).

Anyway, it isn't a perfect copy because DOGA is so limited, but I did my best. And I forgot the pylons sticking out the back of the engines, but by the time I had noticed I had manipulated the size, scale and position of the parts so much that trying to add them just looked really crappy because they weren't centered. So perhaps this is some customized U-Wing. It's harder to tell from this angle but I also added some detail there at where the S-foils sweep back into the supporting fire mode simply because I like trying to show the mechanics. So thus there's a couple of round parts where the machinery that pulls the wings back is located. Plus detailing for the sake of trying to counter DOGA's inherent badness simply because it's such an old program. And as usual, I used Space Engine for the background. Took me awhile to find a suitable planet to make it feel Star Warsy.

Alterante support configuration image here:

Anyway, hope you enjoy and if you haven't seen it yet go see Rogue One why are even still here go now

Star Wars, UWing all property of Disney and Lucasfilm.
SCV-Caisson Medium bulk freighter
The Stellar Commerce Vessel Caisson is a older class of starship, designed during the initial rush of private starship ownership in the Imperial Star Republic, and is still produced and in service today, many years after it's introduction. The immediate draw of the Caisson is it's unique double hull design and four multi-directional thrusters for improved manueverability and precision station keeping, as well as providing the starship with VTOL capability. Also unique to the starship is it's engine core design and placement, which is located above the main hull of the stern section while the main drive sections for both it's sublight and FTL engines are located in the rear. Beneath the engine is the cavernous cargo bay, which can hold twice as much cargo as the then next ship in it's tonnage class. The cargo bay could also be accessed from the upper hull via funicular, or by the fore and aft cargo bay doors.

The Caisson was originally developed by the now defunct Hespirosa Corporation, one of the many competitors present during the early days of private starship ownership for Vocian citizens. It's early success sales and design wise helped pave the way for what would become the standard for Vocian-designed starships, though it's early fortunes would not last. Eschewing traditional hull designs, Hespirosa instead opted to stand apart from the other shipwrights of the era by attempting to dazzle potential customers with the unique hull design and engine layout. The upper hull contains living space for up to fifteen passengers, each with a private cabin, although the ship can operate with a crew as small as five people. The  habitation area's layout is fairly simplistic in design; passengers enter through the front bow facing airlock into the main suit storage compartment, and from there exit out into the main corridor. From there, passengers and crew can immediately take the stairwell (another design choice unique for it's time) to the bridge deck, which contains, expectedly, the bridge and it's main communication and datacore processing compartments. Continuing down the corridor, crew have easy access to the port and starboard engines in upper engineering, which allows access to the otherwise inacessible (save for EVA) multi-directional thrusters. Beyond the upper engineering bay is the crew compartments which were for the time, spacious. Beyond the crew compartment are the acess points for the starship's life support systems and water storage, as well as access to the galley which contains a bank of windows which look out over the lower hull. Also located in this section is the funicular to the lower hull, where the cargo bay and main engineering sections are located.

The Caisson was also lauded for it's bridge layout and ease of navigation. While many full fledged starships of it's era were meant to operate entirely in space, the Caisson was the first civilian starship capable of operating efficiently and safely within atmospheric conditions, despite it's boxy design. The bridge layout copied that of Vocian military starships, although on a smaller scale, having a small three tier design that could be configured as each proceeding station was universal, save for the pilot/navigator seat that sat directly in the middle of the bridge.

Once again abandoning the traditional designs, Hespirosa Corporation opted to not bury the Caisson's main power core deep within the hull, instead opting to lay the engineering section over the top of the main cargo bay to allow for maximum storage capacity without expanding the hull beyond it's design. The main cargo bay could be configured as a singular open deck for transporting large cargo or into multiple platforms, depending on the needs of the crew and ship. Aside from the funicular, the cargo bay (and by extension, main engineering) could be accessed either through a mid-sized bay door located at the fore of the bay, or the much larger bay door in the aft. The size of the rear bay door was also to allow easy access and service to the main drives section, which while accessible from the main engineering deck, could be lowered into the more spacious cargo section for maintenance. Also located in the lower hull were the hatchways that allowed access to the rear multi-directional thrusters, identical to those on the upper hull. On the lower hull are the landing struts.

While the Caisson enjoyed a extreme burst of popularity at the start of it's life due to it's unique designs, it quickly encountered problems that had both been seen and unforeseen by it's designers and manufacturer. One of the major flaws was it's unbalanced and un-aerodynamic design while operating in atmosphere as the general public and Hespirosa's competitors were quick to point out the Caisson's undeniable box on box shape. While criticism of the freighter's boxy design was somewhat unexpected, Hespirosa had planned and expected the 'unbalanced' attacks. indeed, Hespirosa had been overconfident in the Caisson's unique design, intending from the start to also sell docking cradles specific for the Caisson to starports on the expectation that they would dominate the market and crush it's competition, forcing starports to buy the cradles in droves. However this plan failed dramatically as the Caisson's popularity skyrocketed and starports across the Imperial Star Republic were unprepared, many having only both a handful of docking berths for the starship. This led to many 'improvised' landings as captains gambled on the Caisson's two under-developed landing struts to bear the weight of the freighter, which led to many accidents and some fatalities as the struts, more often than not, collapsed or simply could not balance the ships. This, in conjunction with starports refusing to buy the Caisson specific docking berths in the numbers expected, led to a costly recall that hampered Hespirosa's early successes as the starship was given more robust and larger landing struts, as well and reinforced universal docking clamp sections on the port and starboard sections of the lower hull. This early recall cost Hespirosa much of it's initial profits and allowed for competitors to catch up, ending the corporation's and the Caisson's early lead in the race.

Another design drawback was the irregular placement of the main engineering deck and drive core access. While many critics praised the simplicity of the multi-directional thrusters and their ability to access the engines both inside and out of the starship, very few kind words were said for the rest of the engineering designs. Many complained that the main engineering deck was "Too exposed for their liking" or exceedingly cramped. Criticism was also leveled at the main drive section, specifically the lack of space to perform even routine maintenance without having to retract the drive cores and lower them into the cargo bay for even the smallest problem that could not be fixed 'on the surface'. This had been another design choice by Hespirosa, while intially planned for safer maintenance and overhauling, the corporation had also designed the cores based on the assumption that they would dominate the market. Instead of the traditional route, Hespirosa was, based on their projected sales of the Caisson, planning to initiate a 'three years' plan, wherein they were phase out the Caisson's drive cores for new cores every three years and recycle or resell the old ones. In truth the new drive cores were planned to only be marginally better each cycle, but just enough so that freighter captains would supposedly be lining up to purchase them for a 'small fee' in order to stay ahead of their own competition.

However on top of the criticisms of the design, Hespirosa also had a leak that revealed these plans to deliberately nickle and dime their customers. This leak came immediately after the expensive recall and failure of the docking berth plan, sending their already stumbling public image into a nose dive. Because of the leak, the recall and the criticisms of the design, the Hespirosa Corporation's public image was dealt a severe blow and were place squarely in the sights of the Imperial Bureau of Corporate Oversight. The ensuing public relations disaster derailed all of Hespirosa's plans. Bad press meant that less Caissons were being bought, which meant a ramp down in production and a surplus of stock and expensive manufacturing equipment that was no longer being used. Legal fees and recalls drained most of the corporation's remaining funds, and it's competition had finally fully caught up and even surpassed Hespirosa and the Caisson. After seven years, the Hespirosa Corporation quietly shut it's doors and allowed itself to be dissolved by the Imperial Bureau of Corporate Oversight.

However, the starship's life did not end there, as despite all the bad press and it's design flaws, the Caisson was still considered a solid freighter in all other respects. It still had a huge cargo capacity for a starship of it's class and still had the advantage of being fully operable in space and in atmosphere. The starship, once freed from the overwhelmingly negative public opinion of it's original manufacturer enjoyed a moderate popularity in it's tonnage class, even as newer and more modern starships came into existence. It's staying power was so great that eventually the Caisson license was eventually purchased from the Imperial Bureau of Corporate Oversight by Zenith Industries, one of the premiere and most well respected corporations in the Imperial Star Republic, and the starship was put back into limited production, though the rumor that a potential name change under the new owners has been floated for years.

Ask any expert about the Caisson today and they'll tell you that the Caisson is a capable starship that had it's bright future stained and stolen away by a greedy corporation that cared more about establishing a monopoly than pushing forward with the successful innovations that had been created by the starship's development.

Seen here, a Caisson is making a berth-less landing in on one of the Imperial Star Republic's sandier worlds.


So...yeah. I actually saw this ship (as I do many of my things) in a dream. And I had always wanted to take a crack at designing something with gimbaled engines, so thus, the Caisson was born. I'm not really sold on the name, but eh. Essentially if you made the Firefly class from the TV series Firefly twice as large and then merged it with a Delorean, you'd have this ship.

I may put up a generic all angles view at sometime in the future, but for now I just really, really wanted to do something different and really show the ship from a different angle.

Starship made with DoGa L3.
Background taken in Space Engine.

Hespirosa Corporation, the Imperial Star Republic of Vocenae, Vocians, and Zenith Corporation belong to me. Do not use or re-post in any way without my expressed permission.
The Long Range Atmospheric Capable Multi-role Aurora is a larger, more capable spacecraft based on the design of the original LO-AC-C-Aurora. Although this version of the popular craft does lose a bit of it's nimbleness and speed, it compensates by having a much farther range and a larger load capacity and passenger cabin. Gone is the C-Series Aurora's vulnerable, under-slung fuel tank, instead the M-Series boasts a more modern and efficient internal power core that allows for the ship to make intra-system journeys on its own, making it a much more viable option as a shuttle craft. However in the even of an emergency, the M-Series lacks the ability to jettison its fuel source and engine drive assembly. For even longer range trips, the M-Class can be fitted with a Loadshare Faster Than Light module (although this greatly hinders the Aurora's speed, mobility and agility, as the Loadshare is nearly equal to the Aurora's size and heavier in mass).

The M-Series also introduces the Omni-Directional Thruster engines, the evolution of the C-Series Mult-Directional Thruster. The largest difference aside from larger, more powerful engines is the inclusion additional RCS thrusters in strategic locations along the M-Series hull and ODTs, giving this new Aurora the ability to manuever in tight or otherwise crowded confines in space without needing to activate the larger engines.

The Aurora can also hold up to fourteen passengers along with its single pilot, making it an excellent shuttlecraft for most civilian needs and, in a pinch, can serve as a adequate military dropship. As with the C-Series, the M-Series Aurora is also capable of being outfitted for emergency search and rescue, though due to it's longer range and upgraded sensor suites, along with it's expanded internal storage, make the M-Series a much more capable rescue craft.

For now, placeholder background image until I can find one I like in Space Engine.

So yeah. This is the upgraded model of the Aurora, largely due to the fact that the only thing left of the original shuttle after my old hard drive went dead was the single picture I had of it here in the gallery. I had to rebuild the entire ship, though I had initially started out with the intention of building it as close to the original design as I could, but I obviously failed (though in a good way, as I'm this model has a much higher level of detail, isn't stubby looking and can be used for far more things than the original). 

Don't use without my expressed, written permission, etc etc etc.
It is horribly ugly and clumsy. It is now harder to keep track of deviations and find new ones on the front page.


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